Al Reem Engineering

Stand No. IN P28

We are Alreem Engineering, a new generation of a group of architects and engineers to serve and complete what the modern generation will be expecting for their future aesthetic needs.
we are always looking forward to making new buildings with unique concepts and using new technologies and plan for future vision 2030.
Our Mission is to be the best company for introducing the best solutions in buildings, support for clients and customer relations.
Our services:
• Introducing an engineering consultant.
• Project feasibility studies.
• Offer designs for Residential, Commercial and industrial buildings, etc.
• Study and Review the engineering designs for Arch. & Interiors Design, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumping, etc.
• Building Permits.
• Project Financial budgets.
We create concepts and design and deliver a full set of working drawings of the projects such as Villas, Shopping Mall, Health & Social Centre, Towers, etc…