Amaret Bukamal

Stand No. GP P26

Amaret Bukamal was established in1965 by its late owner and founder Rashid Ebrahim Bukamal. it is an extension of the Bukamal family business. rashid had worked hard to develop and enhance its service and managed to create a well known reputation among professionals across the country. Amaret Bukamal become a familiar destination for those seeking furniture, construction requirements, timber, tools and materials. Amaret Bukamal is located on Tijjar Road in the heart of Muharraq city, in the kingdom of Bahrain.

During the establishment, several department were developed, a section for timber storage, cutting and assembly, and a section for painting. Rashid Bukamal had focused on observing and monitoring closely the manufacture of furniture and related activities. Ever since, Amaret Bukamal has been classified as one of the best manufactures in the country.