Plaffix Dry Mix Company

Stand No. IN P29

Plafixx is a leading dry mix company operating in the kingdom of Bahrain. Plafixx combines the latest German dry mix technology with high-quality raw materials in the region for a wide range of products and services to meet the fast-growing and challenging demands of the construction industry. Plafixx is dedicated to serving the construction industry by setting up new standards. we offer a wide range of dry mix products based on cement and gypsum with more than a decade of experience in the Middle East. We are dedicated to achieving highest customer satisfaction through the quality, reliability and consistency of our products and services.
Plafixx offers wide products range of bounding coats, cement renders/plasters, decorative colour renders, decorative textures finish, insulation mortars, gypsum plasters, masonry mortars, tile grout, floor screeds, repairs mortars, etc…