“On The Wall” for Bahrain Artists at Interiors Expo

“On The Wall” for Bahrain Artists at Interiors Expo
April 23, 2018

Bahrain Art Society have joined forces with the Interiors Expo to organize “On the Wall” an exposition of Bahrain Fine Arts, which will take place during the Interiors Expo
The Bahrain Art Society (BAS), a non-profit cultural organization, is dedicated to promoting the development of Bahrain’s fine art scene. BAS have been successful in commanding the respect of Bahrain’s artists and art aficionados through their commitment to develop a demand for collecting artworks by Bahrain’s artists at home in the Kingdom as well as through the GCC and globally.
On the Wall is an opportunity to promote the creative work of Bahrain’s finest artists to an audience of investors, art lovers and buyers. The fine arts exposition is a major opportunity to make the artists and their works accessible to a wider audience
“Bahrain is a hotbed of artistic talent and creativity. Bahrain Arts Society must be applauded for their positive approach to promote the commercial value of local artists to the public and private sector. On the Wall is an expo within an expo which adds a unique dimension for visitors to experience” Said Jubran Abdulrahman, the Managing Director of HCE.
Abbas Al Mosawi, one of Bahrain’s leading artists whose work will be on display at “On the Wall” says “The organisers have shown an understanding and passion for art that goes beyond any self-interest. As an artist it is always rewarding to share the fruits of your creativity with the community. I as many of the other artists look forward to the event as a possible turning point in the promotion of local artists in Bahrain”
The Artists have also agreed to run a series of workshops on Calligraphy and Live Art during the Interiors Expo.