Classy Interiors puts made in Bahrain on the Boutique Interiors Map

Classy Interiors puts made in Bahrain on the Boutique Interiors Map
April 22, 2015

Classy Interiors will showcase their unique collection of artisan furniture at gulfInteriors 2015, the dedicated platform for luxurious, creative and unique designer products.

The portfolio of products has been widely acclaimed as bespoke production, manufactured in local facilities with efficient machinery and skilled craftsmen that compete with the best of international furniture brands. The designs are a mix of sophistication, quirky and genius that combine modern technology with a passion for music.

“The untold story here is that this collection is totally made in Bahrain” says Jubran Abdulrahman, Managing Director of Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions, the organizers of the gulfInterior Show. “These high end finished designs deserve wider recognition and patronage for Artistic pieces of furniture that is made in Bahrain”

Classy Trading was first established in 1996 by Hassan Janahi, starting out as a small carpentry workshop in Salmabad, with Janahi designing and crafting by himself. Today, Classy Interiors stands as one of Bahrain’s largest enterprises based in Sitra, providing top quality furnishers to high end clients. The company has recently received the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 in 2014 from Bureau Veritas by Jafcon Consultants.

“Classy Interiors is committed to satisfying our customers; we’ve gotten this far by maintaining a good relationship and reputation with the customers. I believe that Bahrain’s consumerism for the interior industry is growing rapidly although there is still the preference of bigger international brands over local products due to the false notion that quality products from local brands are usually scarce. My designs are made with a love of music. Each piece of wood is laid in designs as if we are composing a piece of music, my Bahraini roots are inspiring to me and I hope people will find this reflected in my designs” says Hassan Janahi, Executive Décor of Classy Trading.